Zionist Game Plan?

Most of what is detailed in the allegedly ‘leaked’ letter circulating out of Canada is either already in place or being openly discussed. But this video is the best presentation of this alleged ‘leaked’ letter. The focus shouldn’t be on whether the letter is a leak or not but what can be independently verified in it as FACT.

I am skeptical of the letter, not because of what it says but because I think it is a distraction on the timeline to stop people thinking about what is happening now. The way it was distributed was very suspicious and causes me concern.

Seems like a case of ‘Give them something scary they might be able to change in the future and they’ll stop thinking about what is happening right now’. This letter and other announcements like it of things that will happen next year are distracting people from Flu Season.

This video is worth watching to the end. Most of it tracks with known provable facts (or stuff in government policies related to sustainable development). All of this could happen without another virus. The financial collapse is already here!! The deaths and lockdowns will come just because of flu season alone.

Once the numbers for flu season get reported daily through the winter, everyone will lose their mind and forget all of this.

Watch the video to the very end.— Zionist Game Plan —There is hope.

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