The Torah is a manual, written by unknown scribes, that instructs humans how to serve, and interact with, their Space Alien conquerors, the Elohim. This manual instructs humans in the 613 commandments on how to live, including the preparation of human baby fats for rendering into acceptable forms for consumption by the Elohim (Space Aliens); further, this manual, the Torah, provides the formula for the ‘christening’ of humans with exact measures in liters of the specific oils from spices (all with antimicrobial, antibacterial properties). No human could be brought before the Elohim (Space Aliens) without this process of intense cleansing of their body, internally and externally, then the ‘anointing’ with quantities of aromatic, antiseptic oils. At that point, the human visitor to the Elohim had become a ‘christ’, and was acceptable to be allowed into their presence. Zie: Clif High Substack en de post ‘I have discovered a great secret‘.

De vier Yugas uitgebeeld in de tijd: Een rechte lijn en in een cirkel.

Zie ‘The Naked Bible‘, geschreven door Mauro Biglino: ‘Once stripped of all unnecessary interpretations, the Bible appears to be very different from how it has always been narrated. It does not contain any spiritual, almighty and all-knowing God. The very concept of eternity vanishes into thin air.’

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